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Japanese Buddhists Build Android Teacher To "Reach The Hearts Of Younger People Today"

The 100 million yen ($909,090) project to build the android was a collaboration between the zen temple and Hiroshi Ishiguro, professor of intelligent robotics at Osaka University. The temple asked Ishiguro and his team to develop an android that can preach Buddhist teachings “…in an easily understood manner to help give peace of mind to troubled people”.

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Sorry Spirit Rock, We Don’t Buy It: What Did Noah Levine Do?

iBaby Boomer Buddhists innuendo filled statement and discredited investigative methods add up to nothing…In an expected move, Spirit Rock Meditation Center issued a fact-free, utterly vague and over-the-top statement against buddhist teacher Noah Levine. In the statement Jack Kornfeld rescinds Levine’s authorization to teach in the Spirit Rock lineage and Spirit Rock removes Levine’s ability to claim affiliation with the meditation center.

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