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MLK's “militant,” “coercive” and “realistic” version of nonviolence overcame the weaknesses of passive resistance.

Understanding the radicalism of Martin Luther King Jr.’s nonviolent resistance… King pursued a distinctly leftist program, including alliances with a then-powerful labor movement and a militant dedication to equality in housing and the criminal justice system — two areas where racial inequalities have in many ways become more pronounced than they were in King’s day.

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Is Margaret Atwood a Buddha?

The Author responds to being labeled a “Bad Feminist” for calling out the firing of a male colleague without evidence of wrongdoing. “My fundamental position is that women are human beings, with the full range of saintly and demonic behaviours this entails, including criminal ones. They're not angels, incapable of wrongdoing. If they were, we wouldn't need a legal system.”

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